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It is within you to identify and remove your unique barriers, move beyond your blind spots, unblock your capacity to perform at a higher level and live well.  I can help you achieve that.

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My goal is to help you achieve your goals.

What My Clients Are Saying


I’ve logged more than my fair share of time in all sorts of situations meant to improve my job performance and overall happiness.  Working with Anneliese is by far the most powerful and efficient way I’ve found to make strength-based, forward-looking changes to how I think and get things done.  If she didn’t exist, I’d have to invent her!


I have been working with Anneliese with primary focus on augmenting my presence and relationships. Her coaching has had a transformative impact on several mental narratives I have struggled with throughout my adulthood and gave me tools to qualitatively shift my relationships.


In working with Anneliese Daskal, I have experienced the greatest professional and personal growth of my adult life. Our work together has enabled me to transform my job as a manager into a career as a leader. When I began my coaching journey, I saw myself as an underappreciated employee with nowhere to go. I placed blame for my lack of advancement on any external factor I could justify. With her guidance, I have been able to see that what I was looking for could be right in front of me, and that I had the ability to put it there. She has helped me discover and develop the strengths, the tools, the power and the confidence within myself to achieve professional aspirations that previously seemed unattainable. I have since received a significant promotion within my company, and am now in a leadership position that I have truly earned. My self doubt and insecurities have been replaced with courage and an unrelenting commitment to my personal growth and the growth of my company. I would highly recommend coaching with Anneliese to anyone who is dedicated to advancing themselves within their career.  


Working with Anneliese has been an eye-opener for me. Our sessions have provided me with tools I didn’t even know I had – and after a few short months, the results are staggering. I’m better equipped to navigate the longer term challenges in my professional development, and more self-assured in the decisions I make everyday in the workplace.​


I have worked with Anneliese and have been extremely impressed with the results. I have been known to get in my own head a little too much and Anneliese has helped me re-phrase the way I process things. It’s now to the point that when I bring up an issue I am facing at work (and even in my personal life), I can recall our previous conversations and apply the same techniques, oftentimes answering my own questions. My mind is more clear and Anneliese has played an integral part in my professional growth!”​


After working with Anneliese, I can’t praise her expertise enough. Though I learned many valuable skills, the most important thing that I learned was to take a look at situations through many different lenses. She helped me not only in my professional space, but also in my personal. ​


Leadership coaching with Anneliese has helped me build greater understanding and connections with my colleagues that has led to much more fulfilling and productive collaborations. Coaching has taught me to better see the role my work plays in my own life, and the lives of those on my team; creating a fuller and deeper picture of what impacts a leader can have. It has taught me to be more mindful and self reflective, and to use these insights to actively make strategic decisions instead of instinctual reactive responses. It has also helped illuminate a path to see past the grey fog of day to day and focus on building a strong shared vision to lead the team and myself towards new ideas and solutions. ​


Anneliese Daskal has been incredibly helpful with getting me through some tough leadership challenges I have had at work. She is an excellent listener and knows how to ask questions and steer the conversation towards solutions. She is patient and extremely efficient. I always leave our conversations feeling motivated, empowered and optimistic. I feel very lucky to have Anneliese for my coach!