About Me

What my clients say about me as a coach:​

“In working with Anneliese Daskal, I have experienced the greatest professional and personal growth of my adult life."

“Her coaching has had a transformative impact.”

"The results are staggering."

Working with Anneliese is by far the most powerful and efficient way I've found to make strength-based, forward-looking changes to how I think and get things done.

“I always leave our conversations feeling motivated, empowered and optimistic.”

“My mind is more clear.”

“She is an excellent listener.”

“She is patient.”

“I can’t praise her expertise enough.”

“Coaching has taught me to be more mindful and self-reflective, and to use these insights to actively make strategic decisions instead of instinctual reactive responses.”

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What I say about me as a coach:​

I am a big believer that great leaders are not born but made. 

I am deeply curious about how, why and when leadership works.  And equally curious about when it doesn’t work.  We learn from success and failure.  Not sometimes, always.

I am fascinated by how people see the world in which they live and how they choose to show up in it.  This is the true source of power.

Grow as a person to grow as a leader.​

One of the most important decisions a leader can make is to evolve herself or himself as an individual.  This is the heart of leadership transformation.  And this process is accelerated with the help of a trusted coach. Not sometimes, always.

Authentic Trust​

I ask my clients to trust me from the first moment we talk, but there is always a point in our coaching in which the floor drops from beneath us and we quickly land – well intact – to the very bottom of their truth.  From that point on, they are willing to say whatever they have been unwilling to say out loud.  This in and of itself is an asset to every person and every leader. 

My clients rely on the trust they find in our coaching relationship to explore the parts of themselves and their work where they are most vulnerable. I listen for their blind spots and their barriers. They trust me to be honest, compassionate and challenging.

Every conversation I have with my clients is completely confidential.  This provides a rare freedom that supports transformation.  Not sometimes, always.

Leadership & Life Coaching​

My goal is to help each of my clients achieve their goals by supporting their transformation into the people and the leaders they aspire to become.  I work with people across the country and across industries.  We meet by phone.  One on one.

If you are curious about exploring the possibility of working together, use the link below to schedule a complimentary and confidential call with me.