Work With Me

Grow as a person to grow as a leader​

If you are a seasoned or emerging leader who wants to lead and live more intentionally and with greater effectiveness, then you are in the right place.

It is within you to identify and remove your unique barriers, move beyond your blind spots, unlock and unblock your capacity to perform at a higher level and to live well. I can help you achieve that.

Most of my clients find me through referrals.  But if you don’t know someone who has worked with me or who knows me, you can find me through the link below.

Lead with intention and authenticity

Live and work with integrity

Communicate with clarity

Express your values through your work

I am currently accepting new clients.

The first step is to set up a complimentary, confidential phone call with me.  There is no obligation to sign up for any additional coaching.  It’s worth signing up for, I promise.  You will talk.  I will listen and ask questions.  You will have a chance to hear yourself think as well as clarify and focus some of that thinking.  It’s worth your time.

There is no catch.

I am interested in connecting with seasoned and emerging leaders who want to grow in their personal and professional lives.  If you are interested in investing in your development, I’m interested in coaching you.  Even if it’s only for this initial completely complimentary, completely confidential call.

I don’t do skype or zoom calls.  I only and always listen intently and actively to everything you say.  It works like a charm.

Let’s get started, shall we?